Since 1981, the Nubenco Group of companies has served the global marketplace by providing the highest value medical PhaColsupplies, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to Distributors, NGOs, major Multilateral Organizations, and Governments. To increase our services to our clients, some of our companies distribute third party products such as Covidian and Carestream (Kodak) among others. Through our many years of experience, we have learned that transparency, quality, and competitive pricing are essential to developing trust, market prestige, and long-term successful partnerships. We have set ourselves apart through the Nubenco Advantage Program and our ongoing program of research and development, ensuring that our products surpass the most stringent quality requirements.  Together, with your help, we can serve, grow, and strengthen global health.


  • A family owned company with over 30 years serving the global marketplace
  • A true global enterprise with operations spanning 4 continents168716213-300x224[1]
  • Produce a large variety of private label/ brand name medical supplies designed in the U.S.A, registered with the US FDA (CFR 820 compliance pending) with CE mark.
  • Supply third party pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical equipment
  • Clients include private Distributors, Suppliers, NGOs, major Multilateral Organizations, and Government Agencies worldwide.
  • Serve over 30 leading distributors, with operations in the U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  • Products and services undergo advanced systems of quality control with the Nubenco Advantage Program

Company Values: Trust, Compassion, Global Sustainability, and the Drive to Win.


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