Shipping & Logistics

Nubenco has shipping departments in several countries that have extensive experience in shipping logistics, both domestic and oversees. Nubenco uses experienced freight forwarders throughout the world who take care of receiving the goods, checking them and shipping them quickly and meticulously. In addition, when economical, Nubenco can also arrange for freight forwarders to receive the goods at the destination country port as well as take care of inland transportation to the final destination.

Pre-Shipment Planning:

Nubenco undertakes diligent efforts to identify and properly assess all in-transit risk factors.  These efforts include pre-shipment route planning to identify exact shipping lanes to be used, security and handling capabilities at all interchange points, road transport to and from airport of departure/arrival, anticipated climatic conditions throughout the entire transit and controlled transport and storage conditions.

Shipment Tracking:

Given the varying global regulatory requirements, there is an increased likelihood that a shipment will be delayed in transit for government inspection and/or to settle import licensing/documentation issues etc.  Therefore, an important element of an effective supply chain management program is tracking shipments throughout transit on a real-time basis.  Real-time shipment tracking allows for early detection of any stoppages and/or delays that may occur in the shipment route along with a prompt investigation of the circumstances involved. Nubenco ensures that there is immediate implementation of the necessary corrective action needed to locate the product, confirm the product’s condition and arrange for its delivery to the final destination in a timely manner.


 Product packaging plays a critical role in ensuring that the condition and integrity of the product is maintained.  The Nubenco method of packaging takes the following factors into account:

  • Climatic conditions throughout the transit
  • Modes of conveyance
  • Transport routes
  • Duration of transit
  • Duration and location of interchange points throughout the transit (including customs-clearance)
  • Product handling and storage

Nubenco uses strong cartons for both secondary and tertiary packaging. Approved packaging methods are monitored, periodically reviewed and revised as necessary in response to changes in any or all of the factors outlined above. Recognizing the characteristics of the products is critical for storage and shipping. Refrigerated items are obvious, but there are also products which are especially delicate, such as latex products (gloves, etc), products containing adhesives (tapes, etc) and immobilization products (POP etc). For delicate, non-refrigerated items shipped by sea, specialized procedures are followed to reduce exposure to excess heat and humidity, including not shipping by boat in specific waterways during the warmer months.


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