Product Training

It is Nubenco’s obligation and pleasure to provide its affiliated distributors with the technical and sales training necessary to become a leader in their market.

Before the products are placed on the market, Nubenco accommodates a 3-4 night hotel stay and expenses for two approved specialists responsible for representing the Nubenco line in their market. The specialists are given a custom itinerary based on their background that will include 1 day of touring Nubenco offices and learning about Nubenco Group, 2 days of technical and product sales training, and 1 day of personal accommodations to explore the natural beauty of the country of destination.

Nubenco is constantly enhancing the distributor support experience and now offers remote one-on-one product training and support through Skype supported by Nubenco’s knowledgeable and energetic biomedical engineers, nurses, and sales team. These product specialists are available to provide training on Nubenco line and will keep you updated of product improvements, products in development, and new products ready for import.

At times, you will need some basic product information as well as quick ways to train your new nurses, sales and marketing associates. Nubenco releases new product training videos on its YouTube and Twitter site and will educate you on our products, their components, and their functions in the clinical setting. Together with internal Nubenco product reports, you will have the information you need to become a true product specialist so that you may provide a world-class service to your clients and nation’s Ministry of Health.


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