Marketing & Technical Support

Selecting a sales, marketing and distribution approach is a key element of a successful business model as this encompasses both a company’s connection to its clients and a significant portion of its costs. A priority at Nubenco is to support your marketing efforts with product information, training, and a commitment to help you develop your business in your market.

The following is what we currently have in place for Distributor Marketing Support

  • Product Training – Please refer to our product training page for a more in-depth explanation.
    • A professional and informative website
    • Product technical training as needed
  • Complete Product Catalogue (available in electronic format) – Our Nubenco catalogue is a popular promotional tool for our product portfolio and it offers a huge boost to all direct marketing efforts. Our electronic catalogue is readily available on our website for immediate download.
  • Promotional Support for scientific exhibits and tradeshows. Nubenco Staff can support you during regional trade show events through their intimate knowledge of Nubenco products. You will be trained how to best articulate the benefits of Nubenco products which can help drives sales and promote the Nubenco brand.
  • Product Samples – We give all of our distributors the option of accepting free product samples.
  • Market Research – We depend on our distributors, on an ongoing basis, to develop and report knowledge of their individual markets so that we can best coordinate our efforts. Market research is imperative in order to understand the competition, the needs and preferences of the consumers as well as how best to introduce a product into the market.
  • Pricing Strategy – We work with our distributors to considering various pricing options, performing competition price analysis and delivering the best baseline price so as to ascertain the most effective price for the public market.