“Products and procedures are important for the company. However, make no mistake, it is the employees who ultimately determine whether a company succeeds.”

 Roger Benzaken, Former CEO

The Nubenco Group has employees in many regions throughout the world, speaking different languages and being shaped by different cultures. It is because of Nubenco’s own cultural diversity that long-term relationships and strong rapports are readily formed with suppliers outside the United States.

Wherever you will find a Nubenco facility, you will see the unified embrace of what is called “workforce design.” It is with this approach to management and leadership that employees are provided with a safe and pleasant place to engage in meaningful work, enjoy a stimulating environment, proper compensation and benefits, respectful treatment and the opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

The Nubenco Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and hires without consideration of gender, age, race, and national origin. All overseas offices are staffed 100% by local employees, without expatriate management.

We are proud to assist our employees in continuing their professional education so that they can improve their skills and increase their likelihood of advancement within Nubenco. Ultimately, the success of our employees is our success. The happiness of our employees is our happiness.

New Openings within Nubenco Group are published on our webpage through our news feed and posted to the official Nubenco Twitter page monthly. You may follow us on Twitter here. If there are no posted openings and you would just like to introduce yourself, we welcome you as well.



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