The Nubenco Pharmaceutical division acts as an international wholesaler and distributor of a wide range of products including brand name and generic pharmaceuticals. Brand name drugs are sourced from the USA, Japan, and throughout the European Union and comply with the Stringent Regulatory Authority (SRA). Generics are sourced globally from qualified manufacturers outside SRA territories so that we can provide our clients with the best possible cost to quality value. Nubenco has particular expertise in uncommon pharmaceuticals such as oncology and biotechnology drugs.

All pharmaceuticals are produced and tested according to international standards such as USP, BP and EP. Nubenco manufacturers all carry GMP and product certifications from their national authorities. We regularly conduct clinical and stability studies and our registration department has the knowledge and experience to effectively register pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Nubenco supplies its pharmaceuticals through a wide range of distribution channels such as its own independent distribution facilities, affiliated distributors, NGOs, major multilateral organizations, and directly to foreign governments.


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