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Nubenco values its suppliers who are vital to our growth and success. We are proud of the strong and collaborative relationships that we have been able to build over the years. Our objective is to obtain, at all times, the highest-quality products while maintaining the highest ethical, social and environmental standards, thus attaining maximum potential for our supplier’s products in our markets.

For over 30 years, Nubenco has been representing a number of manufacturers and we act as their official marketing and sales office in various countries throughout Latin America. Of special interest is Colombia, where the Nubenco Group has its largest overseas operations, distributes products from many world-class companies, such as Covidien and Carestream (Kodak).

Nubenco’s export management services make the most sense for manufacturers looking to expand into markets considered too small for large companies to focus on individually. For Nubenco, as a result of our long history in these regions, serving these markets is economically viable. This is because we produce and store inventories regionally and we can amortize the management and logistics expense over a wide range of products from a number of different manufacturers.

Our goals are to provide our suppliers with:

  • Good, profitable and growing business
  • Prompt and reliable payment
  • Recognition and respect in the marketplace
  • Reliable inventory, storage and distribution capabilities
  • Professional support in Corrective and Preventative Action of Quality events (CAPAs)
  • Market intelligence and suggestions for proper selection of existing and new products
  • Annual forecasts and timely orders for production/inventory planning
  • Clear specifications
  • A high level of promotional and sales services
  • Effective registration services


Nubenco always strives to increase and improve its services and strengthen its product portfolio. All inquires from suppliers are welcomed.


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