Customer Service

Nubenco prides itself in providing its clients and suppliers with personalized, responsive and prompt attention, with the objective of constantly improving customer satisfaction. The world is becoming more complex and difficult to navigate. For this reason, Nubenco is committed to improving and simplifying the customer experience. As a first step, we are committed to responding to all inquiries efficiently and on a timely basis. A customer service representative is available to answer your questions on a daily basis.

Nubenco staff travel extensively in their designated regions to perform market studies, follow-up on regulatory matters and to support local distributors. Our technical staff translates and produces the documentation required to register products in those countries. In addition, Nubenco has established a number of affiliated field offices throughout the world to lend support to our affiliated distributors in that country and its neighbors.

In addition to supplying Nubenco brand name medical disposable products, Nubenco sources pharmaceuticals as well as medical and laboratory equipment internationally from qualified third party manufacturers. Nubenco adjusts its sources to take advantage of variations in delivery time, cost, currency exchange rates, freight and other cost elements.

Lastly, Nubenco is proud to be able to guarantee its products. We have a formal system for Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPAs), which includes replacing and repairing problem items, when necessary.