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Shipping and Logistics

Since its inception, Nubenco has cooperated closely with Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), UN Organizations and many International Medical Assistance Programs. In many countries with insufficient medical resources, and during medical emergencies, NGOs are often charged with the responsibility of providing some of the medical relief services and materials needed to save lives and control disease. While some products are donated by manufacturers and the global community, NGOs frequently have to purchase the missing products needed to run their programs efficiently.

As a highly experienced and diversified international medical supplier, our key strength is service. Our responsibility is to deliver disposable medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical equipment of top quality, at reasonable prices, and on a timely basis. Nubenco supplies brand-name pharmaceuticals on a wholesale basis, and whenever possible lower-cost “generics”, to its NGO clients. Nubenco ensures product quality by dealing only with world-class manufacturers with full certification and technical documentation. In the case of medical equipment, Nubenco arranges, as needed, for installation, training, repair, maintenance and the continued supply of medical supplies.

In the last 20 years, we have found many low quality products enter the NGO market. In fact, some companies distribute a different grade of product to the NGO community than they would their commercial distributors in the hopes of securing higher sales. We believe that this is wrong.

With Nubenco, NGOs are given access to the same premium products with the same low pricing that Nubenco gives its largest commercial distributors. We are proud to support the NGO community, having them stretch their budget further while providing the piece of mind that they are delivering a product that will preserve life without any unnecessary complications.


Do you work for an NGO and would like to learn more about Nubenco? We welcome you to contact us to see how we can best serve your procurement needs.


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