Nubenco: Global Impact


For more than 30 years, Nubenco has applied its resources, its passion, and its industry knowledge to help tackle fundamental healthcare related challenges. Our mission is to strengthen healthcare systems as well as increase access to healthcare, with a concentration on emerging markets. These are some of the many projects that we have undertaken globally.

  • Shipped over $3,000,000 of products within 45 days to a US Embassy to fill empty shelves following a natural disaster in a Latin American nation.
  • Developed a world-class and broad line of Nubenco Medical Disposables, based on a strong program of continuous research and development.
  • Set up additional overseas branches to better serve our international clients.
  • Implemented policies and procedures to minimize carbon emissions and decrease overall carbon footprint.
  • Registered over 100 pharmaceuticals in a single Latin American country to create new competition.
  • Registered and marketed a generic version of a high technology drug, which sold in larger quantity than the innovator.
  • Successfully introduced a life-saving orphan drug, for which there is no substitute.
  • Built up one of the largest hospital wholesale operations in a Latin America country.
  • Our overseas offices have become successful distributors for major multinationals such as CJ (previously Samsung, Korea), Codan Argus (Switzerland), Covidien (USA), Carestream (Kodak X-ray, USA), Laboratorios Chile (Chile), among others.
  • Supplied a leading NGO with chronic care drugs for 400+ free clinics for over 20 years.
  • Regularly supply a leading US Humanitarian Organization with sophisticated medical supplies and equipment.


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