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Syringe kits for Contrast Media

Nubenco supplies special syringe kits and separate connectors and filling tubes for Contrast Media, administered through Infusion Pumps, such as

  • MEDRAD/ Stellant (Bayer)
  • Liebel- flarsheim (Covidien)
  • Nemoto

For more information, contact us.

Special I.V. Administration Sets for Peristaltic I.V. Pumps

Nubenco supplies I.V. administration sets which incorporate special tubing to permit their use on open systems perististaltic I.V. Pumps:

a) Basic I.V. infusion set (for administration of standard solutions)
b) Photosensitive/ lightproof I.V. infusion set (for sensitive solutions)
c) “Premium” I.V. infusion set with needle-less injection port and other premium features
d) I.V. infusion set for nitroglycerin

For details on the I.V sets and the pumps that can use them, and assistance on the calibration of the pump, contact us.


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