PharmeuRopea Group

Our sister group of companies, the PharmeuRopea Group, as guided by PharmeuRopea, Inc. (USA) has been instrumental in the expansion of our One Company’s positive global impact by opening regional locations as well as working with regional collaborators so that we can continue to offer the highest value products and services to the end user. Our locations are expanding and the Nubenco Group holds PharmeuRopea in the highest esteem, as they follow the same series of principals for regional service and comprehensive pharmaceutical programs as Nubenco does for its global collaborative efforts with our own line of medical device products.

For the past decade, PharmeuRopea Y Medica, Ltd. (“PharmeuRopea Spain”) has been Nubenco’s chief EU representative committed to aligning the PharmeuRopea Group with trusted regional collaborators so to design, implement, and ensure the progressive efficacy of various comprehensive Pharmaceutical programs around the world in support of both Chronic Care programs and Disaster Relief efforts, with a special focus on areas within the middle east that have been undergoing disproportionate hardship. Through PharmeuRopea Spain’s collaborative activities with both regional technical and marketing specialists in each territory we have been privileged to support over the past decade, PharmeuRopea Inc. can get the right products into the right hands wherever and whenever they are needed.

Through the support of both the global NGO community  and PharmeuRopea Group’s own private distributorship network throughout the Americas,  PharmeuRopea Spain has helped us expand our global reach while continuing to ensure connection and focus on Nubenco’s founding charitable roots on both a global and local level, supporting both short and long efforts to succeed in our mission of improving care and preserving life.

As is true in all aspects of life, the right people aligned under a singular mission to do good and collaborate with principled intentions and absolute transparency, allows for a positive effect of a magnitude exponentially greater than the sum of every individual in that group on his or her own. That is why we value each of our regional representatives whom ensure the progressive efficacy of our regional pharmaceutical programs by providing us with the technical and marketing know-how to fulfill our mission year after year.


If you are interested in learning about how you too can make a difference in improving care and preserving life with us, we encourage you to contact us anytime at Our Customer Care representatives are standing by and look forward to exploring the various ways we can be collaborate and together become a source of good for the world.




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