Quality Control

Quality Control is a statistical process whereby samples of production are evaluated to verify compliance. This is vital to product reliability within across production lots. Nubenco strongly believes that quality should be assured proactively, and that various actions must be taken before production begins.

Quality has two major components:

Design and specifications – All of our products are developed with the latest and most stringent ISO requirements and many are listed with the US FDA (CFR 820 compliance pending). We also regularly update our products through customer feedback as well as through studying competitive products in the market.

Production quality– This includes many big and little steps in production and component sourcing done so as to minimize the incidence and severity of defects. Production quality is controlled by taking a small number of random samples of each production batch and testing them against a variety of parameters. If the incidence of defects is below the allowable amount, the batch passes quality control. Such tests, of course, do not measure the defects that may occur only infrequently, such as one per thousand, but could still cause major problems. A major advantage that Nubenco offers is that we distribute large quantities of our medical disposables through one of our own overseas sales subsidiaries where we have over 40 field personnel including 6 nurses, and 5 technical specialists, who visit regularly the 450+ hospitals that use Nubenco medical supplies. Every day, these professionals obtain valuable feedback from customers. In effect, we have 100% inspection of many lots of our products! This feedback is then evaluated and communicated to Nubenco technical staff in the U.S.A., and becomes the basis of our continuous program of product improvement. Very few companies in the world can pride themselves in having this capability. We pride ourselves with being one of them!


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