Quality Management System

Supply chain management is an essential component of operational efficiency as well as critical to delivering top quality products. All suppliers of key raw materials, components, packaging and/or finished products are evaluated by Nubenco staff to ensure that their facilities, processes and controls are regularly inspected and meet international requirements. Following qualification, Nubenco establishes strong and clear standards and specifications for its products. Only then can quality control be applied to verify actual production.

Nubenco Triple-Inspection Protocol for Medical Supplies

Every lot of every product is tested first at the factory by Nubenco staff, and then evaluated separately at our scientific offices, which check the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and that the product meets our specifications. For new products, pre-production and production samples are sent to our labs in Latin America for independent evaluation. Every lot is verified again for proper labeling and identification. Following the distribution of the products, our nurses regularly follow up with our customers around the world for reports from the end users. If there is a problem or opportunity for improvement, Nubenco’s research and development team establishes the viability of the product change and will modify the product specifications if needed. A typical example would be to change specific adhesives for certain climates periodically throughout the year so to maintain product integrity over the warmer summer months. 


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